TRU COVID-19 Response

TRU recognizes many individuals within our university community have questions regarding COVID-19.

The university continues to monitor the situation and review the most up-to-date information and recommendations available through regional and provincial medical-health officers. For the latest information in British Columbia, visit the BC Centre for Disease Control website.

To see TRU’s institutional safety plan for our limited resumption of activities this fall, please visit our Risk Management Services area of our website.

Refer to the student, employee and health and safety frequently asked questions about COVID-19, which we will update as new information is available. Check for updates regularly.

Should you have additional questions, you can connect with us through the following email:

Date Update
Aug. 18 Students FAQ: Updates as marked
Aug. 18 FAQ for All Employees: Updates as marked
Aug. 18 Health and Safety FAQ: Updates as marked
Aug. 14 Health and Safety FAQ: Updates and additions as marked
Aug. 10 FAQ for All Employees: Updates to "I'm struggling"
Aug. 10 Health and Safety FAQ: Update to "I'm feeling overwhelmed"
Aug. 5 Employees FAQ: Addition regarding amended public health order
Aug. 5 Students FAQ: Addition regarding amended public health order
July 31 Message to Students: Moving Forward with Our 2020/21 Academic Year
July 31 Employees FAQ: Additions and updates as marked
July 31 Students FAQ: Addition regarding library services this fall
July 31 Health and Safety FAQ: Additions and updates as marked
July 9 Employees FAQ: Four additions regarding safety plan and training
July 7 Students FAQ: Addition regarding student fees
July 6 Employees FAQ: Addition regarding safety plan
June 26 Students FAQ: Update on trades
June 24 Employees FAQ: Updates regarding working from home
June 18 Employees FAQ: Updates regarding office use
June 16 Students FAQ: Updates and addition on course delivery
June 16 Employees FAQ: Updates and addition on course delivery
June 5 Employees FAQ: Updates regarding open areas of campus
June 5 Technical Requirements for Alternative Delivery: New page added
June 3 Employees FAQ: Update clarifying restrictions and access on campus
June 2 Employees FAQ: Update on budget and staffing

Community news

News 1130 | Outdoor education needed in B.C. as more people head outside during pandemic

Aug. 11, 2020

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Mapping the resiliency of frontline health-care workers

Dr. Bala Nikku, assistant professor of social work, leads a team of researchers studying resilience among frontline health-care workers.

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Global News | 60% of Indigenous people say mental health is worse due to COVID-19: survey

June 24, 2020

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Rocky Mountain Goat | Balsam Ranch: Growing extra, just in case

June 17, 2020

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These are some of the almost-700 face masks made by Shelly Johnson and her husband Myles Clay for Indigenous communities.

Answering the call of community with hundreds of masks

Canada Research Chair Dr. Shelly Johnson has made almost 700 face masks on request from Indigenous communities and connections across Canada and beyond.

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Nurses shine in turbulent times

TRU nursing students and faculty are showing strength as they do their best during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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